Content Warning: Feywads isn't made for children. There's some body horror. And Aggie.

Feywads is a comic made by Heatherhorns!

You can also read it on Cohost! and Mastodon!
and more begrudgingly, on Bluesky! and Tumblr!

Feywads is split into two comics! They're (currently) called Mainwads and Sidewads. They don't share a continuity.
Think of it like a saturday morning cartoon version and a binge-bait netflix version.
Mainwads is a continuous story, Sidewads is a fun little gag comic.

Full Moon Gals is a comic that updates once every full moon! It's about two girlfriends that are werewolves.

If you like this comic, please tell someone! The internet isn't what it used to be. A good word means much more than appeasing the Content Machine.

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Heather is a half deflated basketball floating in an oil drain pan.
It is currently unknown how this manages to produce comics. Scientists have designated this phenomenon as a potential miracle,
though it is not officially recognized as such until it makes a good one

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